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MRI Accreditation Services
We will ensure succesful accreditation and/or maintenance of accreditation of your MRI facility with the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC/ICAMRL):

  • Represent Client(s) and communicate with accrediting agency (IAC).

  • Consult with Medical Director/Radiologist, Technical Director & other Technical Staff (including Service Engineers) for information as required for the accreditation process.

  • Develop and submit MRI facility policies and forms required for accreditation.

  • Obtain and submit documentation of education, training & credentials of Medical Director, Technical Director and Technical Staff.

  • Obtain and submit technical documentation about the MRI system, coils, phantoms and ancillary equipment in the MRI facility, as required by the accrediting agency.

  • Develop Quality Control and Quality Assessment (technical, interpretive and administrative) policies to establish a Quality Improvement (QI) Program in collaboration with the Technical Director, Medical Director and Service Engineer(s), as required by the accrediting agency.

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MRI Accreditation